2013 Goals

So I see several of people on my flist are making lists like these, and since yesterday was such a bad day - I decided to just go for it.

Goals for 2013.

♦ Empty the laundry bin – and actually fold the clothes and towels the minute they are dry.
♦ Exercise at the gym twice a week.
♦ Clean the apartment properly.
♦ Do something outside the house.

♦ Exercise indoors for 15- 30 minutes.
♦ Read at least 1 chapter of a book.
♦ Make an effort to fix my skin problems, and actually use my skin products.
♦ Drink 2 liters of water.
♦ Make an effort cooking healthy meals.

♦ Eat less unhealthy food (even though I already barely eat unhealthy as it is)
♦ Read more.
♦ Find a hobby or something I like to do.
♦ Save more money for the future.
♦ Try to be more positive, and not let things get me down.

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Dear neighbours.
Just in case you didnt know, today is tuesday. And people have to go to work in the morning and need a good nights sleep.


I am having migraines and I have to listen to this.... Fuck you, you inconsiderate assclowns. If I knew who you were I would call the cops on you...

Are you deaf? You must be since the entire city can hear you play...

God dammit.

One year later

Today it's been a whole year since the bombing in Oslo, and the massacre on Utøya. I can not believe it's been a whole year since the entire nation held its breath and helplessly watched what was happening. How loved ones (including us) tried to make contact with people on Utøya, not knowing if they were alive or not. All the pictures and videos of the damage that was done in Oslo and at the Island. It will forever be remembered. 

I have been watching a tribute broadcast on NRK for a bit now, and it's hard not to cry. They talk about standing tall and honoring the lost ones, by living. But I can not help but think of the poor families and friends who lost someone. It's only been a year, and I can not imagine what they have gone through and what they will go through in the future. 

I think Norway has been changed. Some for the worse, but a lot for the better. We have proven to be a people of unity. 
All we can do now is let time heal us. But then again, all the time in the world will not make up for what happened. 


Uffe Frandsen NTB Scanpix
(Photo: Uffe Frandsen NTB Scanpix)

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Cleaning out my flist!

Hello people on my flist. 

I am thinking of cleaning out my friends list a bit on my LJ seeing as a lot of you are inactive or just haven't made any sign of life lately. I would very much like for those of you who wish to continue being my friend to let me know either in a comment or in a PM. :) 

If I do remove you and you wish to be added again, let me know. :) 

This is just to get rid of the inactive accounts and those who might have second thoughts about adding me, so here is your chance! 
No hurt feelings guys! 

- E

I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

Hey everybody. This is a post for you to get to know me a little better.

Who am I? Well... My name is Ellen. I am 21 years old. I live in Norway, for those of you who don't know your geography- that is in Europe. That also explains why my English sometimes will be very limited, as we don't speak English in Norway :)   I love reading and writing. I love movies - especially horror movies. I can't live without music. I watch a lot of tv shows. If you are interested in what shows, there are more info on my profile :)

I am kind towards everyone, even people I don't like. why? you might ask. Because I don't like conflicts. If most people would make the effort to be nice towards others, I believe the world would be a better place.

What will I post? Mostly my thoughts, movie reviews, but mostly it will be stuff from my life. Some entries might be very personal, and I hope whoever reads it takes that into consideration if they want to comment the entry.  

Now you know a little bit about me. I guess the rest will be a surprise. :) This LJ is semi-friendly. That means you have to friend me to read my entries. But unless you give me a reason not to, then I will add you :) I dont expect my friends to comment on everything, but a comment every now and then to show me you are still active would be nice :) 


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